”The only light in this world which does not get extinguished is the Light of the Self , the Light Within , the Soul.”

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Could It Be Really Possible To Master Your Emotions , Habits , Lose weight or Quit Smoking. . .

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 Feeling Unwell or Worn Out? Want To Improve Your Health?

The simple fact is: If you are looking at  living a live in full , and if you wish to get rid of acute or chronical illness , then this is something you may find extremely powerful.

We believe that human body is perfectly designed instrument equipped with enormous ability to heal and rejuvenate itself.

Our goal is to encourage people to get in touch with that unlimited power that lies within .

In The  Light Within we promote holistic approach because we've had great results in assisting people to overcome emotional , mental and physical challenges .

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Would You Like To  Learn How You  Can Be  Calm , Yet Strong and Loving Parent?



The PREMA  Family Trust  is dedicated to providing clients with the very latest developments in advanced human communication and change technologies.

We offer a wide range of professionally produced training programmes and  individual  sessions specifically designed to enable our clients to get the greatest possible results in the minimum time.

Our belief is that all of our clients   are truly magnificent and can create the life of their dreams. We assist them in doing this by providing a caring, supportive and safe learning and  coaching environment.To find  out  more about  us  click  here.

If this is something that you would like to experience, then we look forward to meeting you on one of our programmes soon.

By itself, NLP is one of the most powerful tools for achieving excellence. By combining NLP with Homeopathy and  Hypnosis  your abilities to transform , change ,  communicate and influence  will become second to none.

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